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with our planet in mind...

At MFLOR, we are aware of the environment and our surroundings on an almost daily basis. We invest continually in environmentally-friendly products and production processes. Our production plant is certified to ISO-14001 and this means that the impact of production on the local environment is neutral. MFLOR products have been developed for maximum durability with minimal weight, so that the energy costs of transport are minimised.

The high quality of MFLOR products makes them highly durable. The physical properties of MFLOR products ensure that the floors are easy to clean with a limited amount of water and without using any harmful chemicals.


As health and the environment are extremely important to mFLOR, all of our design floors have very low emission values. There is good reason why we have been certified by the DIBt (German Centre of Competence for Construction). Unfortunately, there are no European standards in place as yet with regard to emissions. In addition to the national standards, various voluntary standards have been developed in this area. All of these standards are assessed on the basis of standardised laboratory test methods.

This wide range of standards can make things quite confusing. For this reason, Eurofins – a prominent international test laboratory – decided to develop its own, more comprehensive ‘Indoor Air Quality’ standard. Continuing from this, an ‘Indoor Air Quality Gold Standard’ has been developed, which involves tests on an even greater number of substances and under which the permissible levels of emissions are lower than under any other national standard.


Chemicals that may be harmful to health or the environment are classified centrally within Europe by the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) in Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006. This is carried out using the ‘Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH)’ system. For specific high-risk products, such as toys and childcare items that children might put in their mouths, precise requirements dictate which chemicals may or must not be used in these products and in which quantities.


At mFLOR, we prioritise safety and health above everything else. That is why our design floors not only comply with the most stringent standards of the ECHA for interior applications, they are laid in accordance with the same standard that is set for plastic materials in toys and care products for your child. If our production team had their way, you could eat off the floor!

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