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MFLOR luxury vinyl plank and tiles are constructed using the highest quality raw materials and subject to the most stringent of quality assurance testing. However, in order to look their best and perform as expected, they are required to be installed correctly. The information below gives a snap-shot of what are considered the minimum requirements for successful installation.


For further information go to the "tech bits" page on this website for the comprehensive installation instructions for each particular product.  

  • Aclimatisation - ​Being made primarily from PVC, vinyl planks are responsive to changes in temperature. They will grow slightly when warm and shrink slightly when cooled. Because of this it is important to fix vinyl planks to the floor in order to control the dimensional changes caused by fluctuations in internal temperature. We ask that all MFLOR products are aclimatised on site and under operational conditions for at least 24 hours prior to installation. This is important in order to avoid any peaking or gapping that may occur if product is installed into environments that are either too hot or too cold.

  • Loose Lay Planks - There is a lot of conjecture and misleading information at present regarding a vinyl plank's ability to be "loose laid". We recommend that all MFLOR vinyl plank products (including DROPZONE & DROPZONE MAXI) are installed using hard-set acrylic adhesives as per the Australian Standard AS1884.2012. DROPZONE & DROPZONE MAXI can be installed into small areas that are climatically controlled by the looselay method (NO ADHESIVE), however be aware that temperature fluctuations, direct sunlight etc can cause movement in the individual planks that may result in peaks or gaps forming. A pressure sensitive "releasable" adhesive may be used in these instances to assist in fixing the product however some movement in the planks may still occur as the internal environment changes. For best results we always recommend that a hard-set adhesive is used to help ensure there is minimal movement in the flooring system under most conditions. 

  • Timber subfloors - We recommend that a hard sheet underlay in installed over all timber floors prior to the installation of MFLOR vinyl planks, including DROPZONE & DROPZONE MAXI. This includes ply and chipboard sheet subfloors such as "yellow tongue". This is in accordance with the Australian Standard AS1884.2012. Seasonal movement in timber subfloors may show through the finished floor, and the use of hard sheet underlay minimises this from occurring. Hard sheet underlay also provides the perfect surface for hard set adhesives to cure correctly, ensuring maximum bond strength is achieved at all times.

Ensuring that the floor is being installed to the highest standards is ensuring peace of mind. These floors cannot think, and cannot make decisions on their own. A successful flooring installation is entirely reliant upon:

  • the environment into which it is installed,

  • the subfloor over which it is laid and,

  • the competency of the contractor doing the installation.

Our floors come with comprehensive warranties however we can only offer these on our products installed within the correct guidelines. We cannot warranty existing subfloor, environment or installation quality as these are beyond our control.

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