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timber: natural, renewable & sustainable 

Unlike other building materials wood can be harvested, re-grown and re-harvested in an average person’s lifetime. Timber absorbs and stores carbon for many decades. Nearly half of the dry weight of timber is carbon, making it a carbon positive building product.

  • All of our Australian Timber Range veneers are procured from defined forest areas which are certified under the Australian Forestry Standard (AFS) as sustainably managed native forests. The AFS certification is a globally recognised certification scheme under the auspices of the PEFC.

  • All of our European Oak and Exotic species veneers are sourced from legal, managed forests with FSC Chain of Custody certification.

  • All of the core board we use in our flooring is taken from commercially grown, renewable Hevea plantations. Hevea (Rubberwood) is a plantation hardwood species that yields natural latex in its harvestable lifetime. When the trees have reached an age where latex yield is no longer adequate, the trees are harvested for lumber. This process of planting and felling occurs every 25-30 years.

  • Our flooring is an engineered tri-layered product; this means that less precious top-layer veneer is used. We use less than 20% of the amount of timber required for a traditional solid product, meaning we can get a minimum 5 times the amount of floor coverage versus a solid product.

  • All of the adhesives used in the construction of our timber flooring meet the highest European standards for VOC and formaldehyde emissions and are classed E1 accordingly.

  • The coating systems used on all of our timber flooring enables future re-coating of the products should the need arise and are very environmentally friendly because they contain:

    • No formaldehyde

    • No organic solvents

    • No heavy metals

    • No insecticides or pesticides

    • Ultra Low VOC emissions

    • No cancer causing compounds

NOTE: This information has been collected from our manufacturing partners and is current at the time of writing.

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