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Spotted Gum

​Spotted Gum is a tall tree with a straight trunk, growing on average to 45 metres in height, and is one of the hardest species of commercially grown timber in Australia. Spotted Gum has a smooth, powdery bark which is typically grey to steel blue; often with characteristic patches (or spots). It is a very dense, hard timber, with outstanding resistance and durability. Spotted Gum is predominantly found in open and hinterland forests of Queensland and New South Wales.

Blonde, tan, brown, green and with occasional splashes of pink and grey combine to provide an incredibly varied flooring option. Gum veins and small knots can be prominent. Narrow plank widths have a tendency to tone down the variation, while our wide board product creates an aesthetic as big and bold as you get in a natural floor covering.


Janka hardness - 11 (very hard)

Slip Resistance - P2 (Wet Pendulum Test)

  • Available in  136mm and 180mm plank widths

  • 13.50mm total thickness | 3.50mm species top layer

  • 1740/1830mm plank lengths | 2190mm lengths when available

  • finished in beautiful satin lacquer

  • 136mm also available in low-gloss matte lacquer finish

Real Spotted Gum & Blackbutt timber surface

Natural Looking

BONA coating in (35%) Gloss Finish

Hevea hardwood core

5G locking system

25 Year Residential Wear & Structural Warranty

33% of the floor area can be short boards (Nesting)

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