Southern Messmate

Eucalyptus abliqua, is commonly known as Messmate, Stringbark or Australia Oak, and is a hardwood free native to South Eastern Australia. One of Australia's most important hardwoods, Messmate is often sold blended with Mountain Ash as "Tasmanian Oak". The sapwood is a pale straw colour, the heartwood is a light brown. It has an even texture with straight grain and well defined growth rings. Gum veins are quite common. 

Pale browns, tans and subtle hues of straw and cream create a timeless, elegant look unrivalled in timber flooring. The colour and even grain appearance lend themselves to contemporary interiors, where light and space are important factors. 

SM136 2.jpg

Janka hardness - 7.1 (moderate hardness)

Slip Resistance - P2 (Wet Pendulum Test)

  • Available in 90mm and 136mm plank widths

  • 13.50mm total thickness | 3.50mm species top layer

  • 1740mm plank lengths | 2190mm lengths when available

  • finished in beautiful satin lacquer

Real Spotted Gum & Blackbutt timber surface

Natural Looking

BONA coating in  (35%) Gloss Finish

Hevea hardwood core

5G locking system

25 Year Residential Wear & Structural Warranty

33% of the floor area can be short boards (Nesting)