Northern Reds

Northern Reds is a blended timber floor selected from predominantly Sydney Blue Gum, Forest Red Gum and Flooded Gum. Sydney Blue Gum provides the floor with its underlying pink-red tone, with the Forest Red Gum and Flooded Gum providing the deeper red and light pink-blonde highlights respectively. 

Colouration is highly dependant upon individual batches of product and variation can either be subtle across the floor or quite vivid as displayed in the images below. 

Janka hardness - 7.5 (moderate hardness)

Slip Resistance - P2 (Wet Pendulum Test)

  • Available in 90mm and 136mm plank widths

  • 13.50mm total thickness | 3.50mm species top layer

  • 1740mm plank lengths | 2190mm lengths when available

  • finished in beautiful satin lacquer

Real Spotted Gum & Blackbutt timber surface

4-sided bevel and wire brushed finish 

BONA coating in  (35%) Gloss Finish

Hevea hardwood core

5G locking system

25 Year Residential Wear & Structural Warranty

33% of the floor area can be short boards (Nesting)

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