Jarrah is one of the most common  species of eucalypt in Western Australia, with the name being aboriginal in origin. Trees can grow to 40 metres high with trunks up to 3 metres in diameter. Jarrah is highly prized and supports an entire industry that reclaims and recycles it from demolished houses and other structures.

Its long straight trunks of richly coloured and beautifully grained termite-resistant timber make it extremely valuable as a furniture and flooring material. The timber has a deep red to burgundy colour that becomes deeper as it matures in natural UV light. It has an attractive, fine grain while gum veins and insect trails are extremely minor. With ingrained warmth and charm, Jarrah is a formal area floor like few others with demand almost always outstripping supply. 

JA180 2.jpg

Janka hardness - 8.7 (hard)

Slip Resistance - P2 (Wet Pendulum Test)

  • Available in 136mm and 180mm plank widths

  • 13.50mm total thickness | 3.50mm species top layer

  • 1740mm plank lengths | 2190mm lengths when available

  • finished in beautiful satin lacquer

Real Spotted Gum & Blackbutt timber surface

Natural Looking

BONA coating in  (35%) Gloss Finish

Hevea hardwood core

5G locking system

25 Year Residential Wear & Structural Warranty

33% of the floor area can be short boards (Nesting)